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LCL Realty / Property Management has developed extensive experience assisting landlords in Inland Empire communities. Our team of professionals has a common mission: to make your experience as a property owner as easy. As your rental property management company, we want to put in the work so you can reap the rewards!

Our services are designed to protect your investment, minimize your costs, and maximize your profits.

Peace of mind starts here! Contact our office in Menifee, CA!

Our Client Base


Are you an investor expanding your empire? We work diligently to manage your various properties while you concentrate on the market.

Home Owners

Don’t know where to start after deciding to rent out your home? Sit back and relax while we take care of marketing your property and finding qualified tenants.

Traditional Landlords

Tired of the day-to-day hassles of dealing with tenants? Contact LCL to get your “me-time” back!

Landlord FAQs

Rental Property Management in Menifee, CA | LCL Realty & Property Management

Why do I need a property management company?

If you live far from your property, or if managing tenants and maintaining the property is taking up too much of your time, then it might be time to explore the benefits of working with a qualified property management company like LCL!

Can you help me find tenants?

Yes! use a variety of methods to market your rental property, including online listings. We also have an extensive network of real estate professionals on the LCL team to tap into to find qualified tenants!

Do you screen tenants?

We do. We have a rigorous application and vetting process that includes a background and credit check.

What about everyday property maintenance and repairs?

No more constant communication from renters! We have a 24/7 maintenance hotline that renters can call whenever they need assistance. In addition, we partner with a team of qualified local vendors that have the ability to handle any repair or maintenance task that may arise.

How much do property management services cost?

We provide comprehensive service for competitive rates. Contact us to learn more!

Tenant selection criteria

LCL Realty/Property Management tenant selection criteria outline lists our criteria used in viewing prospective tenants’ applications. The criteria listed below is subject to change under state and local laws. LCL Realty/Property Mgmt reserves the right to change, include additional qualifying criteria and are not limited to the guidelines set forth.

All application fees paid to Manager are non-refundable.

Photo I.D.: All applicants must verify identity to complete this application. Manager reserves the right to automatically decline all incomplete submissions or the inability to verify an applicant’s identity.

Applicant must physically reside in the Rental for which they are applying. Applicant must live in the Rental and disclose all persons that will be occupying the Rental. All persons residing in the Rental are subject to background checks prior to occupancy. All persons 18 years of age or older must submit ID and pay for credit/background check.

If a prospect is declined based on Manager’s Tenant Selection Criteria, Manager reserves the right to take adverse action. This may include denial of the application, the requirement to pay a higher security deposit, or the requirement to obtain a qualified lease guarantor.

Occupancy limits have been established by the size of the unit. California has adopted the section 503(b) Code criteria for determining the minimum size of a swelling. California’s Department of Fair Employment andHousing (DFEH) uses a formula-based occupancy restriction, known as the “two plus one” formula, which permits two people to occupy each bedroom, with one additional.

Other Qualifying Factors: Manager will take into consideration the lease term length (minimum one year), the amount of expenses needed to make the Rental acceptable to you (not including any Fair Housing related accommodation requests) and the amount of time the Rental will remain vacant until you occupy.

Automatic Decline: Applicants will be automatically declined for the following reasons: Any applicant who has been evicted in the last 6 years by a prior Landlord for cause, Falsification of application, Invalid Social Security number, an application that has not been fully completed or is unverifiable. Additionally, Manager reserves the right to automatically decline all incomplete and unverifiable applications.

Rental Acceptance: Prospective tenant(s) are accepting the Rental in an “as is” condition. Requests for changes to the Rental must be submitted in writing with the application. Applicant must submit an earnest money hold equal to 30% of the months’ rent within 24 hours of acceptance of application – failure to do so may in the Manager’s sole discretion result in cancellation and revocation of the lease offer.

Lease Guarantor: Guarantors will be considered for applicants who are solely denied based on income or lack of established credit history. Guarantors are not considered for applicants that fail to meet rental history, credit, or criminal background qualifications. Only one Guarantor per house is permissible. Guarantors may be relatives or an employer; friends may not serve as a Guarantor. The Guarantor must submit an application, pay the application fee and provide all necessary supporting documents. Guarantors must have a net monthly income of 3.0 times the monthly market rent, minimum Resident Score (FICO) must be 650 + and meet all of Manager’s other Tenant Screening Criteria.

Resident Score (FICO) Recommendation Explanation
0-549 Decline Fails to meet the Resident Fico Score
550-650 Conditional Below ideal Resident Fico Score but may be considered with 2 months security deposit or maximum deposit allowable by State Law. Lower scores in this range may have higher deposits or require other adverse action to be taken.
650 + Accept Meets or exceeds Resident Fico Score requirement.
The credit decision settings are configured by Manager based on the FICO Applicant Resident Score Settings and other credit data. This score describes the degree to which the applicant meets the criteria.


Bankruptcy Recommendation
Open, Discharged or Dismissed 0-3 years Decline
None, Discharged or Dismissed 3+ years Accept


Residency History Recommendation
No Landlord tenant court records, unpaid Landlord collections of any amount in the past 6 years Decline
Pending foreclosure or foreclosure with debt(s) owed in the past 6 years Decline


Household Net Income / Rent Ratio (Assets may not contribute to qualifying income.) Recommendation Explanation
0 – 1.99x Decline Fails to meet the income to rent ratio.
2 – 2.49x Conditional Below ideal income to rent ratio but may be considered with 2 months security deposit or maximum deposit allowable by State Law. Lower ratios in this range may have higher deposits or require other adverse action to be taken.
2.5x + Accept Meets or exceeds Resident income to rent ratio.


Criminal History

None in Last Seven (6) Years:

  • Drug Manufacturing or Distribution

Items Considered/Reviewed Individually

  • Physical Offenses Against Persons (Violent-Fatal, Violent-Non-Fatal, Kidnapping, Sex Offenses)
  • Financial Offenses (Fraud, Bad Check)
  • Drug Use Offenses (Marijuana, Other)
  • Other Felony Offenses (Motor Vehicle & License, Prostitution, Alcohol, Wildlife, Government Obstruction)

Reviewed individually, taking into account mitigating factors, such as facts & circumstances surrounding the criminal conduct, age at time of conduct, evidence of good tenancy before & after conduct, nature & severity of conviction, and the amount of time that has passed since the conviction. Criminal history which indicates that an applicant’s tenancy would constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or whose tenancy could result in substantial physical damage to the property of the owner or others may result in denial of application.

Fair Housing Laws prohibit discrimination based on various criteria including but not necessarily limited to race, religion, color national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, veterans’ status, familial status, lawful source of income, and disability.

Self managment risks

Top Risks of Self-Managing Rental Properties

You’ve inherited or invested one or two properties in the Inland Empire, and you’re looking forward to receiving the income they can produce. Or maybe you are thinking of increasing your profit margin by dismissing your property management company.

Typically, investors think this is the formula for evaluating a rental property investment: Rental Income – (Mortgage Payment + Expenses) = Profit. Well…that’s part of the formula, not all of it. Before you commit to that strategy, you need to be aware of the risks and costs of self-managing properties. Those considering going down this route first want to check out property management company like LCL Realty/Property Management give them a call to see they could help you to protect your investments and maximize income. You may find that their services are worthwhile after all.

Operational Innocence

Owning a rental property involves managing standard and emergency maintenance. Are you truly aware of all day-to-day operations involved in keeping a tenant satisfied? Are you prepared to receive maintenance calls on weekends, holidays and after hours? How about what it takes to find a good renter for your property? Good advertising and marketing are some of the keys. You need to screen potential tenants with background, employment, and credit checks. Here are a few topics expected or required of landlords: rental law enforcement and compliance, tenant turnover, inspections, raising rent, evictions, insurance, and taxes.

You should be able to deal with all kinds of tenants, whether you like them or not. Can you be compassionate and understanding of their issues but also be firm and professional in enforcing rules? If you’re someone who dislikes confrontation or loses your temper quickly, then self-managing your rental property could lose you money or be a source of trouble.

Question to Consider: while you may save approximately $120 a month, is it worth your time and energy (emotion) to manage your property?

Compliance Ignorance

Running a rental property in California demands that you navigate a myriad of laws, many of which favor the tenant. When you decide to manage real estate, you are engaging in a business. Do you know about all the local codes and laws that affect property management? Before you even put out the For Rent sign, you need to consider all of the compliance topics that are required when you operate a rental property and engaging with tenants.

Is your property in a rent control area? That fact brings in a whole set of rules that you must follow. What happens if your tenant is either late with the rent or decides not to pay at all? How much can you charge for a late fee? What processes must you go through to evict them? If you misinterpret codes and laws, you run the risk of fines or worse. As you may have often heard, ignorance of the law is not an excuse!

Question to Consider: Are you prepared to stay up to date on vital tenant and landlord compliance laws? These topics can not only have an impact on your revenue, but also may carry legal implications.

Inadequate Insurance

Just as you have insurance for your home and auto, your rental properties also require coverage. You can then receive compensation if your structure is damaged or destroyed. You also need adequate coverage for liability, such as if a tenant decides to sue you or a workman is injured while repairing your building. It is no secret that navigating the complex world of insurance can be overwhelming at times.

Questions to Consider: Do you know what types of insurance are available and how to pick the right ones without over-insuring? Can you choose a broker that specializes in property management rather than standard homeowners’ insurance? Being inadequately insured may force you to take your rental off the market when something unexpected happens. It could be beneficial to investigate an insurance company that specializes in helping ensure landlords with various policies that are necessary for your properties.

Wrong Team Choices

It takes many skills to manage property so that it makes a profit successfully. You need to be able to clean the rental between tenants, take care of landscaping, fix a leaky faucet, rewire a faulty connection, or install a new dishwasher. It is unlikely that anyone not in this business will have the expertise for all these tasks. You will then have to assemble a team of competent vendors that you can depend on, such as plumbers, electricians, contractors, or handymen.

Question to Consider: How will you find qualified vendors if you have no experience with such workers?

Why You Should Work With Us

A property management company like LCL Realty/Property Management relieves you of all these issues with our many years of expertise and experience. Remember, a good property manager will help with addressing vacancies, maintenance requests, lease enforcement, vendor approval and process, tenant relations, rent collection, compliance with local rules and laws, and much more. After all, your rental property investment is only as good as your tenant and management process. If you want to know how LCL Realty/Property Management can help you give us a call, at 951-260-071. We are always in motion for our Clients and Customers.

The LCL Realty/Property Management Renter experience

Benefits of Working With Us

Communicate with any of our Property Management Staff

Working with us is a unique experience. We love to learn about you, the condition of the property, and be able to communicate with the owner about your concerns and plans. The owner is our client, but we consider you more than “just a tenant”. You are a customer of ours and we want to work on your behalf to let the owner know about your concerns so we can help improve the quality of your renting experience.

Place a maintenance request 24-hours a day, 365 days a year

You will have access to your tenant portal where you can place a maintenance request at any time of the day. A call can also be placed to the 24-hour maintenance emergency line. Both methods will notify us so we can remedy the situation as quickly as possible. A technician, or someone from our office will call you for an appointment in advance before just showing up to the property.

Multiple ways to make your rent payments

There are three ways to make your rent payments that are adaptable to your lifestyle:

Tenant Portal

In addition to placing maintenance requests, you can pay on your tenant portal with an e-check or credit card (fees apply). You have the option to enroll in automatic payments as well to avoid late fees and to keep your rental payment experience as stress free as possible.

Bank Bill Pay Method

At your local Bank (check with your bank for participation) your account and property address are on file. Simply set your bill pay method with your bank, and they will be able to send your monthly rent payment directly to us.

Mail or stop by our office

We have a drop box outside each LCL Realty/Property Mgmt office that can be accessed after work hours, which is a benefit for our residents with busy schedules. You are also able to mail your rent payment or drop it by our offices during office hours.

Benefits of home-ownership without the costs

Home-ownership can be expensive with maintenance items, Taxes, Insurance, and possible HOA/POA fees. Our tenants enjoy the privacy and community amenities without having to pay the fees associated with these amenities.

Renting from a full-service company

Our lives change so quickly and there may come a time when you want to own a property. If the time comes that you are looking to purchase a home, you will not need to look further than LCL Realty/Property Mgmt to assist you in buying! We handle Sales just as well as our Rentals.

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